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Susquehanna Township, Pa Adopts Anti-Discrimination Law; WHP-TV Channel 21 Dives into the Gutter To Cover It

Thursday night the Susquehanna Township municipal commission adopted a law that would ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Advocate reports:

The ordinance covers employment, housing, and public accommodations. It stipulates that a volunteer township human relations commission will hear complaints and mediate disputes, while forwarding some complaints to state agencies or local courts if necessary…

Well that was just too much for Harrisburg CBS21 “News” department. They sensationalized the bathroom aspect of the law, saying “Some people are feeling a little ‘flush’ Friday after a local township approved a new ordinance that could mean men and woman may share public bathrooms.” Here’s their report, you decide:

This is journalism? No, this is bigoted sensationalism designed to evoke fear and hate; nothing more.



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