Ron Paul States Its Okay If Neo Nazis And Extremist Groups Want To Endose Him

Don Black, director of the white nationalist hate group Stormfront, (Think KKK Lite) and several dozen of his members were volunteering for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and far-right extremists groups like the Militia of Montana are on record backing Paul as a “stalwart” against government tyranny…

The New York Times reports:

The American Free Press, which markets books like “The Invention of the Jewish People” and “March of the Titans: A History of the White Race,” is urging its subscribers to help it send hundreds of copies of Ron Paul’s collected speeches to voters in New Hampshire. The book, it promises, will “Help Dr. Ron Paul Win the G.O.P. Nomination in 2012!” 

(On the Stromfront Web Forum) “Why is Ron Paul such a favorite here?” has no fewer than 24 pages of comments. “I understand he wins many fans because his monetary policy would hurt Jews,” read one.

(Pictured above left.  Ron Paul and Stormfront Director, Dan Black.  Don’t they look chummy?)

When asked about the support from extremist and hate groups such as Stormfront which have with anti-Jewish, anti-black, and anti-gay views in an interview on Friday Paul responded:  “If they want to endorse me, they’re endorsing what I do or say — it has nothing to do with endorsing what they say,”

Mr. Black of Stormfront said that Ron Pauls newsletters helped make him a Ron Paul supporter. “That was a big part of his constituency, the paleoconservatives who think there are race problems in this country,”


3 thoughts on “Ron Paul States Its Okay If Neo Nazis And Extremist Groups Want To Endose Him

  1. One of my friends posted this picture on his Facebook wall, and I’ll tell you all the same thing I told him.

    Obama associated with a nutjob (Jeremiah Wright) who was constantly badmouthing The U.S. in general, and spews hatred towards white people. And Obama supporters said “Obama is not responsible for Wright’s views and his political ideas should not be judged as such”

    Replace “Obama” with “Paul” and “Wright” with “racist idiots” (of course the last two are the same thing, just different skin color), and you have the same logic.

    Let’s not be hypocritical about this.

    As far as the old newsletters, they were written by others. Should he have maybe skimmed the articles, and said “holy crap, I don’t back this ideology, and will not release this”? Yes, absolutely!!

    But he is human, and all humans make mistakes (especially people who are kept busy all the time, I imagine a political career, a newsletter and making time for loved ones keeps a person very busy)

    1. Excuses, excuses.

      Paul made MILLIONS off those newsletters and his name was affixed to EVERYONE one of them.

      Regardless if he wrote them or not it was his responsiblity to know the contents.

  2. George, nice try. One or two, it’s possible Paul didn’t know. That many, no way. But assume he didn’t know. The same thing spplies to the new ad featuring Huntsman’s children.

    If he has so little control on his own supporters, do we really want him “in charge” of the country?

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