Rick Perry Gets Heckled After Iowa Debate: “Why Do You Hate Gay People?!”

Rick Perry spoke at a coffee house in Ames, Iowa yesterday one day after the GOP debate where he was heckled and screamed at  which led to him leaving out a back door and straight to his vehicle to make a getaway after several Iowans screamed questions about his views on gays.

“Why do you hate gay people so much?” one person in the audience screamed as Perry wrapped up a campaign stop without taking questions from the audience.  “Go back to Texas” another screamed.

Iowa State University associate professor Warren Blumenfeld was one of the people who shouted questions to Perry, asking him why he was marginalizing and demonizing gay people.

“The implication is if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, you’re not a real American,” said Blumenfeld. “He is marginalizing people and dividing this country, and he’s demonizing proud Americans who just don’t have the social identities as he has.”

Ames Iowa resident Andrew Koppenhaver and a friend who is a Marine who ate both straight — said the questions are fair to ask, particularly since Perry brought the issue up himself by releasing his recently anti-gay political ad.  “I believe in liberty and I believe we shouldn’t make issues out of sexuality or religion,” Koppenhaver said. “It’s a personal issue and the purpose of this country is not to tell people what to do.”

2 thoughts on “Rick Perry Gets Heckled After Iowa Debate: “Why Do You Hate Gay People?!”

  1. This is how out of touch Perry is: the old goof of leading voters around by the nose by proclaiming your faith in “god” and good old Christian family values is no longer a valid approach. Their arguments against equality are no longer taken into consideration by the majority because there is no credibility. Yeah, there are many who still go for it, no questions asked, but thanks to the indiscretions of self-hating Republican homo’s like Ted Haggard and Larry Craig, they are in the minority. It just isn’t playing like it used to. Bush will likely be the last to benefit from that particular chestnut and it’s about time.

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