Pro Gay Hater Linda Harvey’s Top 10 List Of ‘Gay Abuses by Homosexuals” For 2011

Linda Harvey the dried up old biddy who is the founder of the anti-gay hate group Mission America  in Columbus, OH has come up a list that she’s compiled “of the top abuses by homosexual activists and their allies in the U.S.” for the rag World Net Daily

Harvey’s list includes the FAKE Oct. 15 “attack” on Porno Pete LaBarbera’s  Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, or AFTAH.  When to “Chunks” of concrete with a threatening note were hurled through the window of the Christian Liberty Academy which LaBarbera did himself.

Harvey also list the “slander and libel against New Jersey teacher Viki Knox” a black school teacher who was so furious about her school celebrating Gay Pride Month she wrote on her public Facebook page “Homosexuality is a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation. I know sin and it breeds like cancer!”

No. 3 on Harvey’s hat list is “the deceptive “It Gets Better” video campaign” which Harvey claims “exploits vulnerable children, as celebrities, regular folks and teens themselves post videos with the goal of discouraging suicide. That would be a worthy objective, if not combined with “gay” rights mythology.”

And Number 1 on Harvey’s Hate Parade? 

The “abuse” of homosexual activism and implementation of the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,”

“No one can yet know how damaging the repeal of the ban on sodomy will be – we can only guess – but there’s no question that it will damage the character of our armed forces and undermine their effectiveness.

Dare I say the obvious? We need non-effeminate men in the military. Does anyone really believe that a prancing drill sergeant won’t detract from readiness? Where women are serving, they should be women of high character, not those who embrace homosexual conduct and publicly declare a “sin” identity. These folks have truly lost their way, their shame, their innate sense of God’s touch on and design for their lives.”

No, Linda, you dare not state the obvious. Because if you did, you would no longer have your  right wing welfare “job.”

What do you think?

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