Neighbors (?) Spraypaint Death Threats On Columbus OH Gay Couples Home

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  You can keep Mississippi, Alabama, and all those other good ole boy southern gay hatin redneck states but when it comes to the WORST right wing whackjob homophobes the prize will always go to the state of OHIO where they smile at you on the outside and will stab you in the back when you aren’t looking.

So’s the case with , David Koch and his partner who attended a  “heated” condo association meeting on Thursday and after they left retand went to their home of 15 years on Blue Cloud Lake, in Columbus, OH and hit the sheets awoke the next morning to find , they found anti-gay slurs and death threats spray-painted on the outside of their home in bright yellow saying “Move or Die Faggots” and “Die F**s.”

The Columbus police say the search for the culprit will be handled by the “Strategic Response Bureau,” which investigates misdemeanors. In the meantime, Koch and his partner fear the harassment might escalate. “My concern is probably more like, ‘is somebody gonna put rat poison in hamburger, and put it out in the yard for the dogs to eat?’ Because in Ohio the home of Billboard that says “HELL IS REAL” just south of Columbus, OH incendtially  thats something that the two faced anti-gay whack jobs in Ohio they would do. 

Because Ohio is HELL.

What do you think?

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