National Organization For Marriage’s Brian Brown(shirt): We Are Stopping The Imaginary DOMA Repeal!

Seperated At Birth? - NOM's Brian Brown (r) and Spanky Ham (l) from "Drawn Together"

“Okay, so at least now we know why Andrew Cuomo did it. A guy living with his girlfriend in the governor’s mansion naturally thinks it’s no big deal to twist arms and break rules and ride roughshod over voters in his rush to redefine marriage, not when he can cash in on the proceeds and ride that gravy train to the White House in 2016.

“Something has to change. Not only among Democrats who care more about Hollywood’s values than yours, but among Republicans who sold out marriage to cash in on big-buck Manhattan fundraisers hosted by Mayor Bloomberg.

“Thanks to each of you who responded to our alert on the Defense of Marriage Act. Now that thousands of American voters have written to their senators, the odds that the Senate will take up a repeal of DOMA have gone way down. We will continue monitoring the situation and reporting to you—whose government this is—what your representatives are doing on behalf of the values you and I hold dear.”  NOM’s Brian Brown taking credit for stopping a DOMA Repeal that wasn’t even happening.

“… thinks it’s no big deal to twist arms and break rules and ride roughshod over voters…”.

Like maybe when PACs like NOM come into states, raise money to defeat Marriage Equality and then fail to follow donor disclosure laws?  Twist arms and break rules like that maybe?

What do you think?

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