National Organization For Marriage Selling Merchandise Through CafePress To Fund It’s Gay Hate

Don we now our un-gay apparel.

The National Organization For Marriage’s very own “Ruth Institute” has opened a CafePress store where its now selling the latest in anti-same sex marriage merchandise to fund its mission of hate.

Items include a baby onesie (at $36.00!), a travel mug, and a beach tote, and a baby bib with the saying “I Believe In Natural Marriage” which the organization sells under a ‘Cool Stuff to Buy’ promise.

“I Believe In Natural Marriage”?  What the hell is that?  Is that like “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter?”

Me personally, I LOVE  the beach tote. Lets go to the beach in our ‘I don’t like gays’ gear. ……In December. 

Source – Good As You

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