Michigan Music Teacher Removes The Word “Gay” From “Deck The Halls” – Happy Homodays!

A Michigan music teacher has decided to remove the word “gay” from a traditional Christmas carol “Deck The Halls” because 1st and 2nd grade students kept giggled during rehersals for a Christmas concert at Cherry Knoll Elementary School in Traverse City.  (Some how “Decking the halls with balls” managed to stay in)

The school’s Facebook page has been getting slammed from infuriated parents and Christmas lovers everywhere. “By taking the word ‘gay’ out of ‘Deck The halls’ you are making it a big deal, one word can have different meanings,” wrote one user. (And maybe if the teacher wasn;t too stupid or lazy she could have used the moment to actually teach the children that) With another adding a parody of the song’s  lyrics: “See the crazy school before us/Fa la la la la, la la la la/Prejudice with a thesaurus.”

Even Dan Savage got involved and wrote: “Someone had to straighten out that carol—can’t have children donning gay apparel.”

But now after all has beens aid and done Principal Chris Parker has said he is disappointed in the music teacher’s decision to change the lyrics to the song, and are back to singing the original version.

Theres been no word if the “10 lords a leaping” in the “12 Days aof Christmas”are still enjoying their Holiday Tea Dance.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Music Teacher Removes The Word “Gay” From “Deck The Halls” – Happy Homodays!

  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of.Some people don’t have enough to do.People have been singing that song my entire life every Christmas.

  2. As absolutely beyond ridiculous as this article’s subject is, I’m just wondering, did this ‘teacher’ at least use her brain long enough to substitute ‘gay’ with the recognized alternate version of this song: “…Don we now our ‘bright’ apparel…”? Give me something, here!
    Methinks the teacher is the one who’s giggling, at any rate.
    Oh, and, btw, Mr. Kohler, there are no balls in this song, as far as I know. It’s “Deck the halls with ‘boughs’ of holly…”, or, again, in the alternate version,…”bells and holly…”. Don’t YOU start now! wink wink

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