Martina Navratilova Backhands Fellow Tennis Champion Margaret Court Over Anti-Gay Comments

Martina Navratilova has stepped to the line and has served an ace against against 62 year old Australian women’s tennis champion Margaret Court an athlete-turned-reverend at Perth’s Victory Life Church  who last week said in regards to families with opposite-sex parents that they are “dysfunctional and despite the fact the role models may be distorted and even severely flawed, there is no reason to put forward alternative, unhealthy, unnatural unions as some form of substitute.”

Said Martina in reply:

“Seems to me a lot of people have evolved as has the Bible, unfortunately Margaret Court has not. Her myopic view is truly frightening as well as damaging to the thousands of children already living in same gender families… I have tried to talk to Margaret, but to say she’s completely close-minded on the issue is an understatement

Point Navratilova

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