LGBT Occupy West Hollywood Marches In Solidarity With The 99 Percent

The LGBT community took to the streets and  marched down Santa Monica Boulevard Saturday in the name of “Occupy West Hollywood”

The rally began in Plummer Park, moved to Matthew Shepard Triangle  and back to demonstrate LGBT solidarity with and for the Occupy movement besides the thousands in the LGBT community who are already participating in “Occupy” movements across the country.

John Walblinger of Occupy LA’s Queer Affinity Group pointed out: “The economic and social equality issues the Occupy movement is pushing for are our issues too.”

 Others were quick to point out:  In many states LGBT people can still be fired from their jobs,  and despite propaganda of the wealth of the gay community many LGBT citizens live at or below poverty level.  And  that even at over 42 years after the Stonewall riots, LGBT Americans still don’t have the same civil rights as heterosexual Americans do. 

Rev. Dr. Neil Thomas of the LA Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), which helped put together Occupy West Hollywood, explained that the values that the Occupy movement embodies are fundamental ones:  The values are that no one should be left behind, we’ve basically sold out to corporate America and the reality is that that is coming back to bite us right now.  We’re seeing that in the way the working class, the middle class are hurting right now. It’s time for us to really start examining the way we do social systems and social structures and to bring back the values of faith and its history.”

This was the first Occupy event in West Hollywood, participants say it won’t be the last. A Lavender Coalition rally is planned in Plummer Park for Dec. 17 at 10 a.m.

The HRC did not represent nor participate in the March.

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