The LGBT Bloggers Lament – The Best Things In Life Are Free, But Not LGBT Conferences, Events and Press Gatherings

Okay, it’s time to  lets address the little yellow oblong elephant in the room.

Yes, as much as I really didn’t want to and hate the idea of it has added a “DONATE” button which you’ll see on the right hand side of the screen.  And  I really want to explain to you all why.

Now no one in their right mind starts a LGBT Blog or Website to get rich (unless its a porn site or a few larger LGBT websites which will go unnamed that are really backed by some enetertainment sites)

Back2Stonewall is and always will be a labor of love, equality and a bunch of pissed off LGBT people who want to tell it like it is.  NO ONE who blogs here has ever gotten  paid and probably ever will.  This is not a job.  Its a labor of Love and Equality.

Now, the ads you see above and on the sides come through a Ad Network that makes the big bucks from the advertisers and in turn literally pays LGBT Bloggers pennies per click (If that, and really who clicks them?) and since we don’t host on a free blog and pay for private hosting and own our domain name any revenue from the ads basically goes to cover that.

But there is so much more we want to report on in our own special way but literally can’t afford to.  LGBT Conferences, events, meetings, press events, etc. 

Case in point The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Creating Change Conference next month in Baltimore.  Even if we were to get Press Passed in it would still cost about $1400.00 in travel, hotel, and expenses.  And as much I would LOVE to get the NGLTF in the same room and ask them what the hell thier “task” actually is since nobody really seems to know. or even next time maybe go to a Tony Perkin’s Family Research Council event and  heckle the shit oput of him.  None of us here can really afford to do that.

So now that I have swallowed my Pride and put the button up in hopes that if any of you out there actually like what we do here and want to support us by throwing a few bucks our way so we can have some expense money to do do these things. (Perhaps instead of giving to some do nothing, lame ass organizations out there) Think of it as buying us a beer every now and again.  At least you know we put out.

But either way donations or not we’ll keep plugging along, doing our best we can to always to call em as we see em as much as we are able.

No bullshit.  No holds barred.



What do you think?

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