GOP Presidential Candidate and Texas’ Village Idiot Rick Perry: “Lawrence v. Who?”

THIS is exactly why ALL politicians running for public office should be foreced to take an I.Q. test

At a meet and greet in Cedar Falls, IA,  Rick Perry was asked by a voter to “defend his criticism of limited government” in the Supreme Court case of Lawrence v. Texas — the 2003 case which, resulted in Texas’s anti-sodomy law being struck down as unconstitutional.

ABC News:

“I wish I could tell you I knew every Supreme Court case. I don’t, I’m not even going to try to go through every Supreme Court case, that would be — I’m not a lawyer,” Perry said at the Blue Strawberry Coffee Shop here. “We can sit here and you know play I gotcha questions on what about this Supreme Court case or whatever, but let me tell you, you know and I know that the problem in this country is spending in Washington, D.C., it’s not some Supreme Court case.”

Other than the FACT that Perry was Texas’s governor at the time of the ruling and whoever the ghost writer was on his last wrote his last book referenced the case you’d think he’s know this one.

You can bet your sweet ass that Rick Santorum knows about Lawrence v. Texas!

What do you think?

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