Here We Go! – New Book Claims: Rick Perry Is A Closet Case With A Small Penis And A Lousy Lay

So sayeth  Glen Maxey the first openly gay member of the Texas State Legislature up until about 2003 who spent this past summer working with a reporter from a “national news oulet” rummaging through  Rick Perry‘s dirty laundry for this new new book,  Head Figure Head: The Search for the Hidden Life of Rick Perry.

The awesome website Gawker got its gleeful hands on a copyand according to them  to a source named “James,” who posted a Craigslist ad for sex that Perry allegedly responded to and then met up with  Perry “[It] lasted about a minute. He had a little dick. It was the worst fuck of my life.”

[Maxey]  located two men who claimed to have had sex with Perry. One was a male prostitute who told associates that Perry had hired him three or four times a year for hotel parties with Perry and an aide. The other was a man who responded to a Craigslist ad allegedly posted by Perry. Along the way, there are dozens of other more tenuous second-hand reports, including one man linked to Perry who pointedly refused to deny the accusations.

It’s all very anonymous and hazy and who knows if any of it is true. But the fact that this is coming from a fairly prominent Texas political figure brings it out of the realm of pure rumor and offers an engaging little glimpse into how your news sausage is made (or in this case, not made).

 True?  Maybe.  I mean like Michele Bachmann’s and Sarah Palin’s books if its in print it has to be true right?

But either way it’s sure to make some waves and has the potential to once and for all bring Rick Perry down in flames!

I love the smell of burning Grecian Formula in the morning.


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