GetEqual And Other Groups Tell the White House To Put Up Or Shut Up On Gay Rights….. Sort Of

After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s a powerful and historic speech to the United Nations, earlier this month calling on the international community to respect the human rights of all LGBT people they’ve seemed to overlook a small problem.  That the United States does not respect the human rights of its LGBT citizens which it keeps in bondage as second class citizens while paying first class taxes and does not even rank within the TOP 5 most LGBT accepting countries in the world.

Well GetEQUAL, Stop the Deportations, Separations and Exile – The DOMA Projject and Out4Immigration is calling the Obama Administration on that, well at least on one part of it having to do gay with gay Americans who cannot sponsor their partners or spouses for fiancé visas or green cards like all other Americans, and are instead forced to live apart from the person they love, or forced to expatriate themselves and live thousands of miles away from their families.

In an effort to bring national attention to the horrifying choice between love and country forced upon these binational gay and lesbian couples, LGBT organizations including GetEQUAL, Stop the Deportations, and Out4Immigration are calling on Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to immediately reunite these couples with their families in the United States. The Obama administration could easily bring these couples home for the holidays by simply granting temporary “humanitarian parole” to the foreign spouses or partners of U.S. citizens, allowing them to enter the United States with that temporary status until a permanent solution can be achieved.

A wonderful Christmas wish. 

As is the Christmas Wish for FULL Equality for all LGBT Americans.

To help support this message to allow gay and lesbian bi-national couples to live free here at home in America as they should please visit this page at and find out how you can help.

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