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**GAY GEEK ALERT** Christopher Meloni Joins ‘True Blood’ As A Vampire

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Oh…My…God! This is freakin’ awesome! Hunky Chris Meloni as a hot vampire? It’s like a fantasy come true that I didn’t even know I had. Huffington Post reports:

Christopher Meloni is officially going from chasing killers to being one.

TV Line reports that the former “Law & Order: SVU” star has joined the cast of “True Blood” as a series regular, and will play a powerful, ancient vampire.

Now I have even more reason to be excited for the new season of ‘True Blood’!


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2 thoughts on “**GAY GEEK ALERT** Christopher Meloni Joins ‘True Blood’ As A Vampire”

  1. Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Chris Meloni as uber hot vampires….TOGETHER? Man that brings new meaning to being in a threesome and screaming “Suck me!”

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