Constipated Woman Against America Lie That Stats “Prove”Gay Marriage Hurts Marriage

Concerned Women for America’s lying Hastert*, Janice Crouse, trots out a cavalcade of statistical lies to “prove” how gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage.

Is it just me, or does this woman look like the local school librarian who you just know sits at home by herself with her 50 cats?

*Hastert: woman who has so much pent up rage, anger, and sexual frustration she goes into denial about her life. [Source]

3 thoughts on “Constipated Woman Against America Lie That Stats “Prove”Gay Marriage Hurts Marriage

  1. What is “shocking and appalling” is that this stupid cunt has lived as long as she has. If and a BIG IF these facts are even remotely true she overlooks the cause of them. Gay youth being told that they are sick and lack of resources and inclusion by the so called loving heterosexual world contribute to much of this. It is not the act of sex that may shorten a life span it is the act of hate and derision from cunts like her that contribute. I’d call her a stupid bigoted cunt but that would be redundant.

  2. Notice how Crouse relishes saying that anal cancer is “very” prevalent among homosexuals. Firstly, anal cancer is rare in any population and if caught in time, most often treatable. To the extent that HPV is associated with anal cancer, one can get vaccinated against HPV. But, the vast majority of people carrying HPV do not get anal cancer. The vast majority of gay people do not get anal cancer. Her statement that anal cancer is “very prevalent” among homosexuals is an outright lie. Then, Crouse’s video purports to be about how same sex marriage is “assaulting” heterosexual marriage. What does anal cancer have to do with that topic? All Crouse is doing is promulgating false public health information for her purpose of demonizing all gay human beings. How Christian of her.

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