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“Conservative Christian” Politician Secretly Donates Sperm to New Zealand Lesbians

Another feather in the conservative Christianst hypocrisy cap. Bill Johnson from Alabama has been spreading his seed in New Zealand without the knowledge of his wife back in Podunk, USA. According to Realbollywood News:

Bill Johnson, who unsuccessfully ran for the governorship of Alabama in 2009, has spent most of 2011 in Christchurch for work purposes.

He used the persona ”chchbill” on online donor registries to meet women wishing to get pregnant.

Johnson discussed making donations to at least nine women, and three are now pregnant, while he has also assisted a further three with donations in the past month.

He said he was unable to have children with his wife, Kathy, who remains in the US. [Why does his website say he has 3 children?]

While she knew he wanted to be a sperm donor, she was unaware of the pregnancies and he wasn’t planning to tell her until the children were born.

The women he donated sperm to included a number of lesbian couples – despite him campaigning on a conservative Christian platform that opposed gay marriage.



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