Comedian Louis CK: The Gay Community Should Have “Talked” To Tracy Morgan Not “Attacked” Him

Comedian Louis CK in a recent “Nightline” interview said that he thought the gay community missed a prime chance to have a discussion with Tracy Morgan, verses just attacking him for the hateful anti-gay jokes and comments that Morgan made during a comedy performance in Nashville, TN this summer.

C.K. took up Morgan’s defense, saying at the time that he was “on a comedy stage, not a pulpit. 

C.K. also went on to paint Morgan as a misunderstood victim and said that he thought gay community missed a prime chance to have a discussion with Morgan, verses just attacking him.

“I think the opportunity that was lost was for the gay community to ask Tracy, ‘why did you say that’ and ‘what was your dad like’ and ‘what is being a man mean to you,’ you know what I mean? It could have been a starting point of a conversation that might have actually made a difference in how people feel about homophobia.”

Well its a very good thing that I don;t really give a shit about what Louis CK thinks or says as I do with most unfunny social commentary comedians.  But if I did I’d tell him to get his facts straight.  This was not one joke. Tracy put out anti-gay comments for several minutes. And it wasn’t the first time.  Some people got up and left.  Tracy is a homophobic bigot, and there is no mistake about it. There is nothing funny about “stabbing” a gay person in the throat.  You can come along 6 months later, and try to sugar-coat that.

Truly disgusting that you stand up for Morgan and you try to turn this around to make him the victim and put no blame on him whatsoever.

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2 thoughts on “Comedian Louis CK: The Gay Community Should Have “Talked” To Tracy Morgan Not “Attacked” Him

  1. I think this is exactly the kind of thing Louis CK was talking about. You immediately attack and resort to name calling, calling him “disgusting”. Maybe Tracy really is a big homophobe. But how is attacking him, forcing him to bow down to the will of organizations like GLAAD, and telling him “you can’t say this or that” really helping? In my opinion that just makes things worse. If there was an actual discussion that took place, maybe Tracy would have a change of mind and heart regarding his feelings about people in the gay community. I am not gay, so I don’t know. Maybe I’m completely wrong. But instead of telling me WHY I’m wrong, you’ll probably just go ahead and call me a “bigot”.

    1. Okay first of all Tracy Morgan is a grown man and its not the first time that he’s ben called on spitting out anti-gay jokes.

      Secondly If you have to explain someone that jokaing about “sticking a knife in someones neck” because they are gay is wrong then nthat person is very stupid. And ontop of it all that comeing from a black man, a man who’s race has been made fun of andpicked on in the past is inexcusable.

      Would the black community reach out to me if I made a joke about stabbing a “n***ger” in the neck. I think not the anger would be monumental. And just so you know I hate GLAAD. And they were the ones who “reached out to him to explain”

      if I ahd my way Morgan would have been fired from 30 Rock. Fired from Scared Tactcs. Lost his SAG and AFTRA card and been blackballed. He’s a grown assed man who’s responsioble for the words that come out og his mouth.

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