Cautious San Francisco Asks Court for Advance Notice on Prop 8 Ruling Just In Case

Think Progress is reporting that  yesterday the City of San Francisco sent a letter to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals requesting advance notice of any decision related to the federal case challenging Proposition 8.

The letter states:

In several prior instances when decisions have been issued relating to the marriage rights of same-sex couples, there have been large gatherings, including protesters, at the courthouses and in the Civic Center area of San Francisco. . . . In any instance where crowds of protesters gather, and particularly where the issue is as emotional and contested as this one, it is helpful for the San Francisco Police Department to be aware of the gathering in advance to plan for and deploy an adequate number of officers to the areas where protests are likely to occur. We would therefore be grateful if the Court could provide advance notice of its intention to issue its decision in this case.

It’s a really unusual request from the city mostly because court decisions are revealed at the same time to everyone

Is San Francisco anticipating another “White Night Riot” type of action if the decision comes down the wrong way? (Which in all honestly I must say after all this delay, pain, and emotion as much as i do not promote violence.  Anger would be totally appropriate and would make a point that needs to be made.  We will no longer accept this treatment.)

One thing is for sure, whether a protest or action against the decision,  or a huge jubilent celebration in favor of it.  When the final decision does come down.  Its going to be an interesting to see how it goes for all of us involved and The City of San Francisco.

One thought on “Cautious San Francisco Asks Court for Advance Notice on Prop 8 Ruling Just In Case

  1. If the anti-gay Pro Prop 8 side loses, will there be much wailing and gnashing of teeth and tearing up of their ‘sullied’ marriage licenses?

    I doubt it.

    The fact of the matter is the pain and/or jubilation is to be found on the side of those who are being unfairly discriminated against. Their lives are deeply impacted by these decisions.

    The side which wants to continue discrimination really has nothing to lose accept for the imposition of their bigotry onto society, and when they finally lose that, they really don’t get particularly emotional about it, and get on with their lives the same as they always have.

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