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At Bizarre N.H. Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate, Candidate Glitter Bombs Anti-Gay Activist Randall Terry – Video

While we’ve all been focused on the almost nightly televised train wrecks called the GOP Presidential Candidate debates throughout the country there have been lesser known individual state Democratic Presidential debates where candidates are trying to get on “state” tickets to battle Obama for the Democratic nomination even though they stand very little chance of ever making it as a contender.

One of the most BIZARRE state Democratic Presidential Candidate debates have come out of New Hampshire where Vermin Supreme a self described fascist went up against anti-gay, anti-abortion Randall Terry founder of Society for Truth and Justice  who are both on the January 10th Dem primary ticket.

Individualist running as Democrat Vemin Supreme of Rockport, Mass., has made a name for himself since 2004 running on a platform of giving a pony to every American and mandatory oral hygiene – “strong teeth for a strong America.” Even in a crowded room, he’s hard to miss, wearing a black rubber boot on his head.  Vermin Supreme is the best known of the nearly 20 candidates, and some voters said they attended just to meet him.

“I want my pony,” said Babz McGovern

While Randall Terry the anti-gay, anti-abortion Democratic candidate preached at the debate to the crowd. “The founders gave us the Tenth Amendment to prevent the federal government from micromanaging the vast majority of details that would affect us as a country. However, they never could have conceived of a moment in which we would become so debauched that we would elevate homosexual marriage or civil unions to the level of marriage. “There’s some things that are fundamentally evil, like slavery and there is no state right to hold another human being, there is no state right to kill your offspring, there is no state right to have homosexual marriage,” Terru said.

It was at that point that Vermin Supreme stood up and dumped glitter all over Terry Randall’s head shouting “He’s turning gay, he’s turning gay, whoooooo!”

And you though the GOP debates were the only crazy ones. 



Will Kohler

Will Kohler is one of America's best known LGBT historians, He is also a a accredited journalist and the owner of Back2Stonewall.com. A longtime gay activist Will fought on the front lines of the AIDS epidemic with ACT-UP and continues fighting today for LGBT acceptance and full equality. Will’s work has been referenced on such notable media venues as BBC News, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The Daily Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, and Raw Story. Back2Stonewall has been recently added to the Library of Congress' LGBTQ+ Studies Web Archive. Mr. Kohler is available for comment, interviews and lectures on LGBT History. Contact: Will@Back2Stonewall.com

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