Zimbabwean President Mugabe Calls British PM David Cameron ‘Satanic’ For Backing Gay Rights

Zimbabwe recieves hundreds of dollars a year from foreign countries in aid and more than once the Zimbabwean government has been caught with its hands in the cookie jar more than once stealing money and diverting it from the poor which it was intended to help.

Afraid that he will be losing money to further build up his abusive regime Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is upset that Britain which said earlier this year that it would increase annual aid to Zimbabwe to more than £100 million a year in an attempt to encourage fair elections and government reforms is putting tighter reigns and reforms on aid monies including the right to oversee where the monies go and  to talk to try to persuade the  government to not persecute  minorities within the country weather they be religious, disabled or gay.”

Britain has already cut aid to Malawi by £19 million following the sentencing of two gay men to 14 years hard labour. They were later pardoned.

Mugabe, has said the concept was “stupid” and that homosexuality was inconsistent with African and Christian values..

“It becomes worse and Satanic when you get a prime minister like Cameron saying countries that want British aid should accept homosexuality,” he said. “To come with that diabolical suggestion to our people is a stupid offer.”

Speaking to a group of young people at a community event in a mining town in Zimbabwe’s Midlands region Mugabe said of homosexuality “It is condemned by nature. It is condemned by insects and that is why I have said they are worse than pigs and dogs.”

Andrew Mitchell, the International Development Secretary states that human rights adherence is one of four requirements for governments seeking British aid, along with poverty reduction, good financial management and accountability to their citizens, and non-compliance would see aid money channelled to civil society groups and charities rather than cut altogether.

Which means less money directly to President Robert Mugabe and his goverment and out of thier deep thieving pockets and more money directly to civil society groups and charities in the country itself .


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