3 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day – A List: Dallas Cast Member Levi Crocker On Taylor Garrett’s “HomoCon Attack”

  1. Levi posted a bit more on Thursday 11/17 1:51pm in response to a question:

    DarkDaisuke Cory B: @LeviCrocker So do you doubt Taylor’s claim? Sorry I’m curious since you two
    well were together and know him better than anyone else

    LeviCrocker: I don’t know what to believe. There are a few parts that don’t quite add up to me, he
    was bloody and he does have a black eye.

  2. Levi just tweeted and provided pictures that he was attacked by gays in a gay bar. After dissing Taylor over his attacks (his non-support was shocking) he’s now claiming that he’s been attacked because of the show.

    Really? Did he file a claim with police? Is this just a set-up by the producers? Is he so jealous of Taylor that he’s staged his own attack? It all sounds so fishy.

    I think Taylor was attacked and in regards to Levi’s attack, if it’s true – it’s called karma.

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