Despite Public Outcry No Charges Brought Against The Bullies Of Teen Suicide Victim Jamie Rodemeyer

Jamey Rodemeyer

After years of torment and bullying, last Septemeber 14 year old Jamie Rodemeyer  committed suicide and despite the cries of public outrage from friends, family, LGBT advocates, and even Lady Gaga,  police investigating his suicide said Tuesday that the taunting and offensive comments he endured online and at school could not be considered criminal and that no charges would be filed.

After interviewing Jamey’s family, friends and peers, uncovering five bullying episodes at Williamsville North High School and sending Jamey’s computer and cellphone to a forensics lab Chief John Askey said:  “He was exposed to stresses in every facet of his life that were beyond what should be experienced by a 14-year-old boy,”  But neither the in-school bullying episodes, one of which involved pushing and an anti-gay remark, nor “insensitive and inappropriate” online comments were found to be prosecutable, Askey said, in part because the victim is dead and unable to help prove harassment or other charges that might have been filed.

Anonymous posts on a Formspring account Jamey opened said “Kill your self!!!! You have nothing left!” and “Go kill yourself, you’re worthless, ugly and don’t have a point to live.”

The investigation did determined that three students had targeted Jamey in high school, one of whom hired a lawyer after Jamey’s death. Those students weren’t the ones commenting inappropriately in the online forums.

To frame persistent harassment and bullying and in some cases physical abuse as ‘insensiti­ve’ and ‘inappropr­iate’ reveals that the police who investigated this informatio­n have incredibly weak analytical skills and moral consciences.

To me, as harsh and draconian as this may seem, bullies who encourage their peers to end their lives like this should be held legally accountabl­e for their actions and so should their parents for not raising their children right.  If parents were even partially held responsible for the actions of their children we would have a nation of little angels walking the streets. But since we do not it’s time to start making these little sociopaths realize that thier actions have consequenc­es.

Throw them in jail, and let them feel how it is to be the ones separated and alienated from society.This sick behavior will  continue, is if schools, police and legislator­s keep treating the bullying epidemic with kid gloves.

It’s time to hold the bullying assailants responsible.  Nothing less at this point will do any good.

5 thoughts on “Despite Public Outcry No Charges Brought Against The Bullies Of Teen Suicide Victim Jamie Rodemeyer

  1. The death of a 14 year old boy is a tragedy but this one could have been avoided had his parents monitored his Internet usage and tried parenting rather than letting Internet chat rooms be a babysitter.

    1. Or how about the parents of the bullies actually raising thier kids correctly and not as animals? Jamie was the victim. His parents were the victim. if you want to plame parents blame the parents of the little sociopaths who were given no moral compass growing up to know the difference between right and wrong.

  2. I agree with Will. However, these three bullies, if they have any feelings, will suffer the rest of their lives. I hope this situation torments them to their dying days. I suspect it will.

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