POLL: The Walking Dead – Who’d Be Your Zombie Apocalypse F**k Buddy?

We’re already into Season 2 of the Walking Dead and despite the fact that almost every they have had a huge cross section of characters there still has not been one gay character introduced into the bunch of survivors. (That is unless Andrea is a Lesbian and we don’t know it yet but really we don’t want her.)

So lets imagine The Walking Dead differently and YOU are a gay survivor, and not to be misogynistic all the women are gone opening a door to lets say some SERIOUS male bonding.

Which of the characters below would you choose to be your Zombie Apocalypse Fuck Buddy?

* Sheriff Rick Grimes – Square jawed, furry chested, and loyal as the day is long. Leads with his heart and not his head and will walk through hell and back for you.

* Shane Walsh – Dark, broody and willing to cross the line. Shane is no nonsense and straight to the point. He’ll do what needs to be done to survive and has a body that would put an Abercrombie model to shame.

* Daryl Dixon – Rough trade trailer park survivalist Not the handsomest of the bunch but with a little spit and polish he’d clean up nice. Not afraid of the hard jobs. Plain spoken and rough around the edges. Daryl’s an expert with his ehm, arrow.

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