NOM’s Brian Brown Just LOVES Michigan’s “License to Bully” Law

A few days ago we reported that the Michigan GOP controlled Senate has passed a piece of “supposed”anti-bullying Legislation that exempts statements based on moral convictions of any school related person from being charged as bullying.  (In other words actually provides protection for certain children and adults to abuse and harass gay kids.)

And guess what?

Brian Brown (shirt) of The National Organization for Marriage just loves the idea:

Are some major political players openly now asserting that protecting gay children from bullying—a worthy goal—requires giving the government the right to prohibit thoughtful and civil expressions of religious or moral viewpoints? What would become of our democracy if we accepted this reckless premise? I hope Michigan’s effort to civilize children by repressing bullying becomes a landmark of a new effort to genuinely address the legitimate concerns of parents—including parents with gay teens—without heavy-handed use of government power to repress and exclude Christian views on sex and marriage.”

“Thoughtful and civil expressions of religious or moral viewpoints”?!?

Is that what they’re calling a fractured jaw and two black eyes now?

I wish some state would construct a law that would openly allow me to let my size 13 sneaker plant itself far up Brian Browns ass!


What do you think?

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