Music Video – Trans/Lesbian J.D. Sampson and MEN – “Off Our Backs” Official Video

I have an interesting perspective in terms of trans law because I am, in some circles, considered to be trans. But I really don’t identify as anything; I’m just me. That’s kind of difficult and problematic for some people to understand. But I am happy under the umbrella term of queer or lesbian or gay. I personally have a difficult time with the separation into miniature subcultures, and I really miss the larger family perspective, so I choose to live within all of them. But people really see me as this spokesperson for the trans community and I’m happy to take that on, and I’m also happy to not necessarily identify as trans but also be a spokesperson for that community because I think that opens everything up a little bit more, which is exactly what it should be all about: free gender fluidity. J.D. Sampson in an article with Ms. Magazine

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