MSNBC Legitimizes Hate By Using FRC’s Tony Perkins As “Expert” – SIGN THE PETITION AND TELL THEM TO STOP!

Once again today on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports,  officially sanctioned Hate Group President Tony Perkins appeared once again as an “expert commentator”

Despite the fact that MSNBC is home to Rachel Maddow (Who REALLY needs to look for a new network) how can we allow MSNBC to legitimize Tony Perkins and those like him?

EVERYTIME that MSNBC pushes Perkin’s as a credible pundent the station gives him and his organization an air of respectability and importance they should not be allowed to have.

By using Perkins as a spokesperson who calls himself a “social conservative” it DOES NOT obscure or change the fact that his views represent a dangerous and extreme, fringe religious element in society and should be treated in the same way and for the same reason that networks don’t invite leaders of KKK or Neo-Nazi’s to comment on the news.  Because it bolsters their influence, gives them legitimacy, and is just plain irresponsible.

Does MSNBC and other news outlets not know or are they too lazy to do research that would show that Tony Perkins has called pedophilia “a homosexual problem,” argued that LGBT youth commit suicide because they know they’re “abnormal,” compared gays and lesbians to terrorists, criticized the “It Gets Better” project for supposedly trying to “recruit” children into a “lifestyle” of “perversion,” and asserted that gay people are determined to “destroy innocence, religious freedom, and ultimately, the family.” and pamphlet that depicts gays and lesbians as physically and mentally ill pedophiles who can be cured of their homosexuality

Or that in n 1996, while managing a U.S. Senate race in Louisiana, Perkins purchased former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke’s mailing list for $82,500. (He must have been promoting tolerance and diversity by courting the demographic of white supremacists) And Perkins has also spoken before the Louisiana chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), a white supremacist group that has described African Americans as a “retrograde species of humanity.”

Is this what CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets call “social conservatism”?

The media must stop giving platforms to hate group leaders who spead lies, preach intolerance, and push an agenda of hate and inequality while hiding behind religion and politics.

Not only does Tony Perkins and others like him need to held responsible for his hateful rhetoric but also the media outlets that allow him to appear on them.


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