OUT Magazine Names Ken Mehlman Who Destroyed MILLIONS Of LGBT Lives To Their Top 100 List

OUT Magizine has named recently OUT and “suppossedly” repentative Ken Mehlman former Chairman of the Republican National Committee to its list of the TOP 100 LGBT List.

Mehlman who from 2005 to 2007 and George Bush’s henchmen who supported and fought for the social positions of the Republican Party, including opposition to same-sex marriage and helped craft numerous anti-gay statewide campaigns and set the groundwork that has destroyed MILLIONS of lives and greatly hurt our fight for equality while being in the closet and doing his job wih no regret.

In August, 2010 Mehlman came out publically as being gay and has since done some nominal work helping get same sex marriage passed in NYC.  But does that forgive all the harm he did willingly or erase what Mehlman did so far to be named one of the Top 100 Openly LGBT Americans.

Joe Jervis over at Joe My God sums it up:

For all those millions of people made miserable by Ken Mehlman? Forgiven. The kids who killed themselves because of relentlessly vicious campaigns spawned by Ken Mehlman? Forgotten. The anti-gay politicians funded last year by Ken Mehlman? Ignored.


Mehlman is the epitome of the the naked opportunist, whose actions have shown a willingness to throw the rest of us under the bus as a sacrifice to the republican god of “I got Mine.” I’m sure it was only when he felt he could gain professional or financial advantage that he decided to come out.

There are so many other LGBT people who sacrifice and fight everyday of thier lives and stand for the community and that should have been honored but instead OUT Magazine chose to honor a person who helped orchestrate our pain, suffering and inequality and just because he said “I’m sorry” and has shown a minor bit of repentance that does not even come close  fixing the mess that he made and the hell he created for the LGBT community OUT Magazine chose him instead.

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5 thoughts on “OUT Magazine Names Ken Mehlman Who Destroyed MILLIONS Of LGBT Lives To Their Top 100 List

  1. There are three simple things Ken Mehlman can do for me to believe he is genuine.

    1. Put a YouTube video up apologizing for what he did.
    2. Spend a day with the family of a teenager who committed suicide in the wake of the 2004 election.
    3. Donate the value of your $2-3mm++ condo in New York to LGBT organizations undoing his work.

    THEN, I will believe he has redeemed himself.

  2. I hope this “”Top 100 List” is “The Top 100 List of Those Who Did The Worst for the LGBT Community!”

  3. Forgiveness is a very important value in our society and when someone shows contrition and makes efforts to correct mistakes, we give them a chance. It’s shameful that people refuse to allow someone like Ken, who has worked very hard in the past few years to make gay marriage a reality in New York state and across the country, an opportunity to help the community simply because he’s Republican. It’s also entirely unfair to lay the entire blame of LGBT suffering at his feet. For the gay community, Ken is our biggest ally in the Republican camp on our march towards equality.

    1. I’m sorry he has much more to do than what he did in New York to get a pass from me.

      Perhaps you should look into his past with the RNC and Bush more carefully. He literally helped set the tome of what we have to fight today.

      Until he undoes ALL of what he did. He will not be forgiven in my book.

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