A List: Dallas Star Levi Crocker Jumped In Oklahoma City Gay Bar – Is LOGO TV At Fault?

Levi Crocker has posted via Twitter that he was jumped by 4 men in an Oklahoma City gay bar last night with one of the men busting a bar-stool over his head because they didn’t like the show.

Over the months LOGO-TV has received numerous complaints about the show and its stereotyping of gay men and its sensationalism of having Taylor Garret a “gay republican” meet with Ann Coulter on an upcoming episode.  LOGO has ignored all complaints and in some cases embraced the negative publicity including that of Garrett himself making accusations of being bashed twice in  the past 2 months.

I will repeat this again.  VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER

But does Crockers assault prove that its not really politics but  LOGO TV’s horrible stereotyping and ignoring of the LGBT communities objections to the debasing of the community that is causing these current problems?   

Does LOGO bear some responsibility?  And is its sensationalist quest for ratings (which have failed MISERABLY with A List: Dallas) to blame?

17 thoughts on “A List: Dallas Star Levi Crocker Jumped In Oklahoma City Gay Bar – Is LOGO TV At Fault?

  1. I hope you are able to get more information and context on the bar fight involving Levi Crocker, hope he responds.

    I agree, LOGOTV is *not* doing any kind of service to the GLBT by featuring Dallas as it’s latest venue.

    “A-List” caste are *not* what most of us feel being “A-List” is really about.

    I don’t think I’d ever get to the point of doing violence against any person or their property, but I wouldn’t hesitate to let them know my thoughts about their show & participation.

    I would also not hesitate to let those places that feature them so prominently know that I won’t frequent them as often, if at all.

    I really hope that don’t renew A-List Dallas, cause I’d hate to see them filming at the new TCBY that will be at the Illume. They do seem to focus on the Illume for lot’s of the “Dallas” show…

    I can do without Axiom & Dish at the Illume, but look forward to the yogurt place.

    I could chalk “A-List” Dallas up as “Fluff” or aimed for the immature (of all ages) bar/status people except they are playing with stuff that many of us hold dear to our hearts.

    I really can’t drop Logo-TV from my Dishnetwork lineup without sacrificing other shows I want, but read that if you block the Logo-TV channel it trickles back to Logo-TV in how they are compensated thru the statistics.

    Do you know if this is true?

    1. I was told by a Direc TV rep many years ago when I objected to a particular channel being in my “tier” that if I blocked it and enough people did the same the receivers did indeed report back an aggregate number of blocks.

      And we all know channels’s are paid based on number of subscribers if DirecTV and Dish are required to report how many block those channels they can reduce what they pay.

  2. I just wrote on an earlier post about Levi pdoubting the attacks on Taylor. And now, here’s Levi getting attacked. But wait – why are we suppose to believe that what happen to Levi was real and what happened to Taylor was stagged? Karma sucks, doesn’t it Levi?

    To paraphrase a line from Queer As Folk – when did gays start fist fighting? No matter how crappy or campy the show, there is no reason violence.

    Also, I would recommend that the cast members stop their public insults against each other. It may be adding fuel to the fire. Plus, it’s so tacky to read Levi and Chase trash the little guy, Taylor. They take the game way too far. Take a hint from A-List NY, and behave with some class while off-screen.

    Now I really wonder if this is ALL bullshit and stunts by Logo. But, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it’s all truth and hope that Logo will at least consider some security for their cast members.

  3. It would be interesting to know the details of this. What bar was it at? Was a police report filed? What was the state of inebriation of the participants at the time?

    A-List Dallas has recently shown Levi to appear very tipsy in a few recent shows and given his DUI arrest, it’s easy to assume that alcohol played a part in the altercation.

    This show is a boil on the Ass of Dallas…


  4. LOGO’s NewNowNext 10/10 Blog by John Polly, Senior Editor of LogoTV.com:

    Last week news broke that right-wing Republican pundit Ann Coulter would be making a guest appearance this season on Logo’s new series, “The A-List: Dallas” (which premieres tonight at 11pm ET). Turns out that Coulter popped by for a visit with “A-List: Dallas” cast member Taylor Garrett (he’s the show’s gay Christian Republican) and that little rendezvous will be featured on the show. The blogs buzzed, discussion raged, and Change.org even started up a petition about it!

    But the uproar was taken to a weird, personal and violent level this past weekend, when a rock was hurled through the window of Taylor’s Dallas home. Creepy!

    In the meantime… All the more reason to tune in to tonight’s big “A-List: Dallas” premiere on Logo to meet Taylor and the rest of the cast, and to see what the fuss is all about.


    Just wanted to know if any publicity is good publicity to you?

    Also waiting for ya’ll to send a tweet to Levi Crocker to congratulate him for making the news like it was reported that John Hill Executive Producer (thebossofyou) did to Taylor Garrett after the rock incidence.

    I also found it a bit odd that Levi would post a pic of himself “packing heat” for a visit to his parents. Hope he has a gun permit for that.

    I hope the drinking cowboy persona with a gun doesn’t somehow fit in with your future publicity opportunities.


  5. Again there is conflicting or questionable information coming from an A-List member that said he was attacked because of the A-List Dallas.

    Levi twitted it was a 4/1 situation with the incident being because of the A-List Dallas show.

    Possibly being tipsy with a concussion can effect one’s memories.

    Che’ Lucci (evidently an OKC fixture :-), said that he(?) was there and it was “4 black guys” and his(?) friends Vinve and Billy were involved.

    Evidently Mace(military grade)and ultraviolet marking dye was used by Che’ Lucci.

    Seems the cops did not get too involved and the culprits slipped away.

    Che’ Lucci said that two people quit over the incident and “a lot is going down”… 🙂


    Levi Crocker’s Twits

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    I had a huge headache all day, but my head is going to be fine, especially if I don’t start loosing hair anytime soon 😉
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    It’s sad when str8 people are mean to someone gay. But for someone (or 4 ppl) from the gay community to attack me because of a show is??????
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    @ifelicious I’m fine, I finished the fight. I’ll never forget that feeling tho. They weren’t straight guys bullying me,they were gays
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    @ifelicious I got jumped in the middle of a bar in OKC, 4 guys, one busted a barstool onu head
    25 Nov

    LeviCrocker Levi Crocker
    Thank you for busting a bar stool on my head… I was a bit sleepy and need a little pick me up pic.twitter.com/QnNJ2T0W
    25 Nov


    Levi Crocker’s Facebook

    Che Lucci
    I hope your head is gonna be ok. Sucks what happened last night. When the fight broke out I ran back there and maced those mofos! take care!
    Like · · 23 hours ago · (Nov 26)

    Levi Crocker For real? After I got hit With the stool things were pretty blurry for about 5minutes
    19 hours ago

    Che Lucci yes Levi. when all those black guys ganged up on you and my friends Vinve and Billy I ran from the bar and sprayed their asses with pepperspray/cs military tear gas and ultraviloet marking dye. I believe you quoted..oh hell, ive been beat on the head by bigger bulls than that! LOL
    2 hours ago

    Levi Crocker Sounds like something that came out of my mouth… haha well I’m upset the cops didn’t get more involved and all of them slipped away some how. I will live, the headache is gone and I appreciate your help. I saw the comment you left on the bar’s Facebook and it sounds like a big problem
    2 hours ago

    Che Lucci Indeed. And plenty is going down as a result. This should not happen repeatedly and two people have quit since. Take care mister
    2 hours ago via mobile

    Jake Yo and tramps was such a friendly place…
    2 hours ago



    No. 34 · Che’ Lucci

    @Cam: che
    This was not an assault on an A-list cast member. this is an almost isolated incident that should have never happened. I was there and I attempted to diffuse this unfair fight by spraying the perpetrators with pepperspray. It was a horrible scene and not only was Levi attacked but two of my close friends Billy and vince. Hope everyone heals up well.
    Posted: Nov 26, 2011 at 6:05 pm

  6. cat4051-dallas@yahoo.com

    Further update on Levi Crocked bar fight, it *was* at Tramps… 🙂

    Evidently is was caused by Levi’s attitude (go figure? 🙂 per Che Lucci of OKC…


    Che Lucci
    what an interesting thanksgiving to say the least. thankyou to all the wonderful cooks who brought delicious food to Tramps Okc yesterday. yum. and it seems the A-List Dallas cant leave its drama in Dallas. The bar brawl in the bar last night was unnecessary, everybody knows youre a cutie Levi but apparently the attitude is not. anyhoo, replacing the starter on my car right now…have a blessed day my friends!
    Like · · Friday 11/25 at 12:03pm

    Che Lucci well him and Vince and Billy got dogpiled by the same black guys that always start shit in Tramps. and they dont believe in a fair fight…there was like 20 of them! I maced their asses!
    Friday at 1:05pm

    Daniel Weaver Yeah that wasn’t fun, I had Levi in the bathroom, head gushing blood. Had no idea who he was at the time. Pretty bad gash on his head.
    Friday at 1:14pm

    Che Lucci Sucks. He is cute. But they piled on Vince and that’s a no go !
    Friday at 1:18pm via mobile

    Fabio Cotza OMG..Levi..is so..freaking ugly!!!!!! What are you guys making such a big deal out of the crooked nose always drunk piece of trash for@!!!!…
    Friday at 1:32pm

    Che Lucci Im just mad cuz my two good friends were ganged up on. I could care less about Levi lol
    Friday at 1:34pm

  7. Che Lucci is also evidently one of the founders of the Tramps OKC Bar’s Facebook page


    Tramps Okc
    Hello all, well looks like someone has been playing with our page. No idea who, but I started this page for Tramps with the help of Miss Lucci. I am Daniel, a bartender here. Password has been changed and hopefully these problems won’t happen again. My Apologies.


    Per a post on Advocate.com by Floyd

    Floyd Martin · Yukon, Oklahoma
    Ray Fleming: no , there wasn’t a police report filed. Oklahoma City Gay bars have a long and sometimes troubling past with the OKC POlice. In 1982, one of our bar-owners sued the city for a million dollars because OKCPD were beating up bar patrons and writing clubs false tickets. We won, but with the provision that they not come to the Gay bars unless we call them, so we normally try to handle things ourselves, which is what happened in this case apparently

  8. God yes, they perpetuate negative stereotypes.

    I don’t know for the life of me why an individual in the pursuit of fame, money or other agendas would participate in the destructive (to the individual & community) fishbowl that is A-List Dallas.

    It seems LOGO TV sometimes communicates that any publicity is good publicity by their actions.

    Perhaps this is reinforcing bad behaviors in the actors because it’s viewed as “good” Reality TV Drama and puts them more in the limelight.

    This feeling is somewhat supported when John Hill (A-List Executive producer) supposedly, per http://joemygod.blogspot.com/search?q=taylor+garrett ,congratulated Taylor Garrett on making the news after his the reported rock incidence via his Twitter account.

    John Polly (Senior Online Editor at MTV Networks and Logo) seems to feel that this rock incidence and violence should lead fans to want to watch A-List Dallas even more.


    Per his NewNowNext post 0f 10/11/11 – A-List Dallas’ Taylor Gets Rock Thru Window he end’s his post after detailing the incident with…

    John Polly: “In the meantime… All the more reason to tune in to tonight’s big “A-List: Dallas” premiere on Logo to meet Taylor and the rest of the cast, and to see what the fuss is all about.”

    Alcohol is a BIG problem in the community and I fear the targeted or interested individuals (probably younger and more immature) will be influence by these depictions.

    Taylor coming off the OKC Bar incident is hosting an A-List Dallas Watch party on Monday 11/28 from 9-11pm at Axiom, Ilume Dallas.


    With “come out and watch the show at the bar parties”, such as one they’re having tomorrow at Axiom with .99c drinks, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

    It’s only a matter of time or chance that we won’t see some participant in A-List in the headlines in the near future involved in a drunken car wreak.

    Hopefully with no innocent bystanders.

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