Indianna Mother Files Lawsuit Against School Who Ignored Dead Son’s Bullying

Natalie Moore, mother of Jamarcus Bell (pictured left) who committed suicide in late October after being relentlessly bullied about his perceived sexual orientation and his race has filed a lawsuit suit against his former school, alleging that they ignored the bullying which ultimately caused him to commit suicide

Natalie Moore alleges teachers and administrators at both HSE Junior High and HSE High School ignored reports that her son, Jamarcus Bell, suffered racially-based bullying and harassment for “perceived homosexuality and emotional disability.”

According to the lawsuit, filed Nov. 21 in the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, the African-American student was the victim of “constant and ruthless harassment and bullying from other students” who allegedly threw pieces of metal at him during a welding class, stole his shoes, his clothing, had his book bag dumped and was physically assaulted in hallways and classrooms.

I for one hope that this is the beginning of something. Schools absolutely have to be held accountable for something that they tolerate and could easily stop.  I just wish it could go one step further with prosecution of the bullies involves and their parents names in the lawsuit also.  When that begins to happen watch how quickly that this problem will be begin to lessen.


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