Houston TX’s Manuel Rodriguez Jr: Don’t Vote for My Opponent, He MIGHT Be GAY!

 I hate messing with Texas.  (Oh who am I kidding, no I don’t and they make it so damn easy!)

Case in point  Manuel Rodriguez, Jr a trustee of the Houston Independent School District who’s running on a platform of hate and bigotry to keep his elected seat from challenger Ranino Fonseca by publicizing that Fonseca MIGHT be gay. 

A flyer made by Rodriguez says that voters should not vote for his opponent because of his history of advocating for LGBT people, and his endorsement by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. A recently printed flyer also suggests that Fonseca being 52 and unmarried is a reason that Houstonians should not trust him to make decisions affecting children, and points out that he has a “male partner.”

Now it looks like Rodriguez’s anti-gay re-election platform is blowing up in his face.  Other HISD Trustees have joined in the chorus of people speaking out against the  flyer. “I denounce the reprehensible, mean-spirited, bigoted mailer that was sent out in the HISD, District III race,” Trustee Juliet Katherine Stipeche said via her Facebook wall. “I ask my colleagues to maintain and uphold HISD’s total non-discrimination policy and treat every person, including other candidates, with dignity and respect. Let us embrace diversity and equality and treat every person as we would like ourselves to be treated ”

The GLBT caucus is urging people to contact the editorial board of the Houston Chronicle to encourage them to rescind their endorsement of Rodriquez in light of his campaign tactics

*Click here to see the FULL FLYER

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