GOProud’s Chris R Barron Calls GLAAD, The Gay Community, and Joe Jervis “The Gay Gestapo”

GOProud’s head douchebag Chris R Barron has opened up his crooked mouth once again.

 This time on Tucker “the gay basher” Carlson’s Daily Caller  site Barron attacks the “intolerance” of the “radical gay left” yet again, (And lets be REAL that’s almost EVERYBODY except the 12 GOProud members) and especially LGBT blogger Joe Jervis of Joe My God.

GLAAD is the leading mouthpiece for the gay Gestapo in this country. While pretending to be the vanguard for tolerance and diversity, the gay Gestapo is actually committed to stomping out anyone who doesn’t buy into their radical left-wing political agenda. For all the talk of “tolerance” and “diversity,” it is clear that there is zero tolerance for ideological diversity with the gay Gestapo.

GLAAD’s tag line is “Words and images matter.” Of course, this didn’t stop GLAAD from giving its “Blogger of the Year Award” to Joe Jervis of the blog “Joe My God.” Jervis’s blog, which has been the subject of a Daily Caller story in the past, regularly attacks gay conservatives. As was pointed out in the Daily Caller story from earlier this year, “Jervis’s site is littered with hateful and misogynistic comments on his message boards …”

Unbelievably, Jervis goes as far as allowing calls for actual violence against gay conservatives to stand on his site. On two separate occasions, Jervis has openly ridiculed incidents of violent anti-gay hate crimes against gay conservatives. Apparently, words and images don’t matter to GLAAD’s members as long as the subject of those attacks is someone they disagree with politically.

Joe Jervis responds:

Everybody got that? We’re the “dumb as shit gay left Taliban”  and “the gay Gestapo,” but don’t call THEM any naughty names! Cuz that’s just mean! Such language makes Jimmy LaSalvia’s frosted bangs positively quiver with lady rage! Oh well, at least they’re taking time out from their regular Twitter campaign of calling me fat.

Chris Barron really needs a clue (And a good plastic surgeon.  Abs by God and face by Dr. Franenstein and all that shit)

Actually it was Barron himself who started the demise of civility between the gay left and gay right when he lost his mind around the time of CPAC 11 and called your’s truly the “dumb as shit gay left Taliban” because Ms FrankenBarron couldn’t take the pressure of being hated by the Left and Right at the same time.  I guess the psychotropic drugs have erased that memory.

“Such language makes Jimmy LaSalvia’s frosted bangs positively quiver with lady rage!”  

BEST LINE EVER!    Bravo Joe!


4 thoughts on “GOProud’s Chris R Barron Calls GLAAD, The Gay Community, and Joe Jervis “The Gay Gestapo”

  1. God fucking damnit! I can not imagine a more self loathing gay man. I wish he would go to some pray the gay away group and fucking convert. What a fucking loser. How does he live with himself?

  2. You can add Lawrence “Stuart” Milk to that list of people with zero tolerance for ideological diversity. Especially after what they did to Colonel Allen West and the entire business community in Wilton Manors this summer through the guidance and lies of Stuart Milk.

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