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Rumours were flying this week about newly out actor Zachary Quinto dating  gay actor Johnathan Groff best known for his role of Jesse St. James on GLEE and Spring Awakening on Broadway.

The National Enquirer claims that the two actors have been secretly dating since last year, but that they kept it under wraps because Zachary was hiding his sexual orientation to keep his Star Trek role.  

Just because it’s The National Enquirer doesn’t mean its not true as point out.

Besides GLEE and Spring Awakening, J.G. also starred in the indie film Twelve Thirty last year with an extended nude scene and since screencaps have just hit the web so since its a sloooooow Sunday I just thought you might be interested.

Both Bret and I agree he’s a bit too much of a “twink” for our taste but obviously Zach Q likes them sweet and full of cream

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  1. Bc says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm so sweet looking !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. matt says:

    cut penis as is normal among US males!

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