For $10,000 Focus on the Family Will Teach Your Kids That Gays Aren’t Like Blacks

For just under $10,000 dollar’s  your high school and college age child child can attend Focus on the Family’s Focus Leadership Institute is an eight week course partnered with  partner with the Colorado Christian University which “exists to sharpen leaders from the inside out by engaging students in a semester of rigorous academic exploration and intense Christian community” will inductronate you children into becoming the next generation of Christomaniac haters!

And just to prove that you are and your kids are cut from the same evil cloth (polyester, of course.) to be selected, you must sign a pledge which includes the below policy statement.  Which among other things states that gays aren’t like blacks and latino’s because they are better educated!

Homosexuals are entitled to the same basic rights as other citizens. Focus on the Family stands against any movement to rob them of those rights, persecute them, deprive them of employment or housing, or harass them in any way. Nevertheless, Focus does take strong exception to the activist movement that seeks to gain special privileges and protected minority status for the homosexual community. There is no evidence that homosexuals, as a class, are discriminated against in the present society. They are not like African-Americans, Hispanics or other historically disadvantaged groups, for they have a far higher average income than most Americans, a higher level of education than most Americans and significant political influence. Focus on the Family also opposes the efforts of radical homosexual “social reformers” who wish to redefine the family, permit homosexual “marriages,” be able to adopt children and recruit the young.

I always wonder why if we’re so smart, rich, and well-connected how is it we’re still so damned oppressed?  

But they were semi-right right about one thing. 

“They are not like African-Americans, Hispanics or other historically disadvantaged groups.” 
I can’t remember the last time I heard of an African-American or Latino being disowned by his/her family for revealing he/she was indeed a an African-American or a Latino.

What do you think?

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