Felony Charges Filed In Attack On Gay Ninth Grader In Chillicothe, OH


LGBT blogs have been buzzing about a brutal gay bashing inside an Chillicothe, Ohio high school classroom was captured on video and then posted on Facebook last week.  (Which I will not be posting here out of respect for the victim)

The attack happened at Union-Scioto High School in Chillicothe, where students waited for the victim, Zach, to enter the classroom. Once inside, the unprovoked beating began.

“The boy stood there and waited on him and waited on him and waited on him,” the boy’s mother explains. “And as soon as he walks in the door, the boy hits him… he knocks the living crap out of him.”

Other children stood by and did nothing to stop the attack while taping video of it on thier cell phones.

The attacker 15 year old Levi Sever who originally received only a three-day suspension for beating his victim so badly the boy came away with a concussion and chipped tooth, will now appear later in juvenile court to answer to the charge filed by the office of Prosecutor Matthew Schmidt following an investigation by the sheriff’s office.

Equality Ohio’s Kim Welter told WBNS 10, that “just suspending students isn’t the answer to bullying. We need to be doing a whole lot more talking about how we treat each other and that we respect each other and that no bullying is tolerated.”

I agree 100 percent.  If I had my way I would see the  boys parents be punished, too. At the very least, they’re guilty of raising an evil little fuck and  they’re just as much to blame for being negligent or passing down their own hate and bigotry.

If changing  “hearts and minds” through school assemblys and literature doesn;t work its well past time to make sure these little bullys and hate mongers are scared straight.

Or at least scared LGBT tolerant.

Source Columbus Dispatch

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