Deadbeat Dad Rep. Joe Walsh HONORED By Christofacist “Family Values” Family Research Council

Deadbeat Dad Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) who owes over $115,000 in unpaid child support has been honored by Tony Perkin’s and the “Christian” Family Research Council as their “True Blue” pro-family leader.

We thank Cong. Walsh who has voted consistently to defend faith, family and freedom,” said FRCA President Tony Perkins. “Cong. Walsh and other ‘True Blue Members’ have voted to repeal Obamacare, de-fund Planned Parenthood, end government funding for abortion within the health care law, uphold the Defense of Marriage Act, and continue support for school choice. I applaud their commitment to uphold the institutions of marriage and family.”

Walsh responded to recieving the award by saying:

 “Defending American values have always been one of my top priorities, and this reward reaffirms my dedication to that fight.”

Really?  Tell that to your kids.


1 thought on “Deadbeat Dad Rep. Joe Walsh HONORED By Christofacist “Family Values” Family Research Council

  1. This just proves how phony these hate groups are. It is so blatant that these people are all about hate and not family. If this loser is the best person they can honor then they have NO honor in their beliefs. Such reprehensible people. Can you tell how much I hate these bigots? LOL

    But the bottom line is most of America does not give a rats ass about these people! I suspect their membership is in the very low thousands. Just a drop in the bucket considering the hundreds of millions of people in this country and billions in the world.

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