Cincinnati, OH Elects First Openly Gay City Councilman, Issue 2 Overwhelmingly Rejected Overturns SB5

Chris Seelbach - Cincinnati, OH's first openly gay City Councilman

Ultra conservative Cincinnati, Ohio went in a new direction yesterday with voters ousting four incumbent Republicans from the Cincinnati City Council on Tuesday night, electing instead Cincinnati’s first first openly gay candidate, the President of the local NAACP,  and in total choosing seven Democrats to make up the nine person City Council.

Cincinnati’s new openly gay city councilman Chris Seelbach spoke just this past weekend at Cincinnati’s first ever same sex marriage rally and worked for former Vice Mayor David Crowley and modeled his candidacy after the lessons Crowley taught him.

Seelbach states all he ever hears out of City Hall,  is what should be cut and not cut. He wants to turn the debate more toward what council can do to make Cincinnati more of a place sought out by young professionals and young families.

In 2004 Seelbach spearheaded the defeat of Article XII, an amendment that would have prohibited any law that would grant protected status to sexual orientation.


Issue 2, a referendum on Senate Bill 5, which would have limited collective bargaining rights for school teachers, firefighters and  public employees, was overwhelmingly defeated throughout the state.

“The results tonight are a tremendous victory – not just for Democrats but for all Ohio families,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern. “Voters were asked if they support John Kasich’s anti-middle class agenda, and they responded with a resounding ‘no.’ Ohioans of all walks of life stood with our public servants and union and non-union workers alike to send a message loud and clear that they will not tolerate attacks on our middle class.”

More people voted Against Issue 2 in this election than voted For John Kasich in 2010

Republican’s running for public office in 2012 should be afraid, very afraid.   (Hear that John Boehner?)

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