Bill O’Reilly On Gay Penguins Buddy & Perdo: How Do We Know They Are Gay? They Wear Tight Tee Shirts!

Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller took the slow boat to idiocy and stereotypes last night when they discussed the sad story of Pedro and Buddy – the two gay male penguins at the Toronto Zoo who behave much in the same way that a mated couple would behave.

O’REILLY: In Toronto there’s a couple of gay penguins I believe. And I think they’re in Canada legally but I’m not sure because they’re from the Arctic or Antarctica. Now the gay penguins, are they trying to make them straight or what are they trying to make them? What are they doing with those penguins?

MILLER: Well I don’t know but, first off, you can see in that opening shot they’re just like the kids in Zuccotti. They crap on the outside right on the rock. I don’t know. The one –


MILLER: The one gay penguin’s name is Pedro. And here’s my problem: has anyone seen papers on Pedro? Is he even here legally for God’s sake?

O’REILLY: That was my question. Wait they –

MILLER: Listen, Billy. How do you even know when a penguin’s gay? Is their corner of the penguin habitat inordinately tasteful?

O’REILLY: No, they wear tight t-shirts.

MILLER: Is it well done?

O’REILLY: I don’t know, I can’t say anymore. But they’re trying to – I think they’re trying to make these gay penguins mate with – I don’t know. It’s too confusing.

MILLER: Stop right there. All I know is who’s in a better position to participate in a gay marriage than two creatures who are perpetually dressed formal?

Nice talk from O’Reilly, a sexual harasser with a loofah and Miller who’s only a half step above his fellow SNL teatard loon Victoria Jackson isn’t it?

Source:  EqualityMatters

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  1. I remember being at the World Scholar Athlete Games in Rhode Island and Bill O’Reilly spoke. Myself and others from the United World Colleges were so outraged by some of the subtely racist statements he made that we made the organisers allow us to do a talk to all the participants the following day. Nasty man.

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