Baylor University Offers “Homosexuality As A Gateway Drug” Course

Baylor University who in 2005 booted gay alumnus Tim Smith from its Advisory Board just for being gay,and  has a policy that identifies “homosexual acts” as a “misuse of God’s gift” and as grounds for a students dismissal, WAS going to offer a course its Spring 2102 semester called “Homosexuality As A Gateway Drug”.  That is until people found out about it and then the course name was quietly changed to “Family Studies”

Considering that the course description is sketchy, there are no textbooks or materials needed, and the Asst. Professor who is teaching the course Martha G. Sherman’s research interests include criminology, juvenile delinquency, the sociology of the family, parenting, and religion and Baylor U’s anti-gay, pro-christian fascist attitudes  I wouldn’t hesitate to guess that the course is NOT a course about  about how to enjoy the meatrack and  High Tea Dances on Fire Island in the summertime.

But then again what do you expect from a Baptist College in Waco, Texas except rampant homophobia, some good ol’e fashioned bible thumpping and possibly a stockpile of weapons.


4 thoughts on “Baylor University Offers “Homosexuality As A Gateway Drug” Course

  1. This is a false story and I really wish people would check the details and do a little more homework before spreading such a sick rumor about my ala mater. THIS IS NOT AND NEVER WAS A COURSE TAUGHT AT BAYLOR UNIVERSITY. NEVER WAS A COURSE OFFERED BY BAYLOR UNIVERSITY. Look at the course number. @ Baylor when there is a V in the course number, that means it is NOT A CLASS. It is an independent study. Someone was doing this as their thesis study and like all universities you registered for hours when doing your thesis. A student made this class, and titled it. Notice the ONE student enrolled and that the class is closed. That being said, I still have friends at Baylor and they say that this course number and class never existed. Believe me, this news broke on campus far before it reached the internet and students went looking.

  2. I’m gay, I attend Baylor, and I’m a sociology major. I’m out to all my friends here, and know quite a few other happy gays here at BU. This was not a “class” to be taught by prof. Sherman, but rather an independent study which one sociology student wished to pursue for credit. Just because a professor sponsored a student to study a topic like this does not make her or the student anti-gay. The student was to study if increased acceptance of homosexuality was correlated with acceptance of other once-scorned behaviors like cohabitation, etc, and the title (also created by the student) was meant to be ironic.

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