Acclaimed British Director Terence Davies: “Being gay has ruined my life!”

British director Terence Davies who’s best known for his movies The House of Mirth and The Neon Bible speaking to The Irish Times has said that that being inhibited by his sexuality (gay) and that it has “ruined” his life.

“I hate it. I’ll go to my grave hating it. Which is why I have been celibate. One-night stands are not for me. I was not good looking. I did not have a good body. Nobody was interested when I was young. Now I am old. I am still not good looking. I know what I am.

“I will always loathe it. It has killed part of my soul..

More like being a self loathing bitter drama queen with ia mage problem using that as an excuse, a  to lay blame elsewhere so to have a world class pity party. (Next stop GOProud?)

Davies new film The Deep Blue Sea, an adaptation of Terence Rattigan’s 1952 play which stars Rachel Weisz will be opening in theatres soon.  I’ll make sure to miss it because he’s not good looking and old.

2 thoughts on “Acclaimed British Director Terence Davies: “Being gay has ruined my life!”

  1. Seeing as how you don’t yet have indoor plumbing,Will, I somehow doubt that Davies’ films would ever play in the ‘holler you live.

  2. Check yourself VonLmo. Mr. Davies is an adult and he shouldn’t blame his sexual orientation for his unhappiness. If he settled for something less than he felt he deserved, then that is his affair. There are plenty of us around who do not think that being gay or lesbian are all about one-night stands or ridiculous ideas of physical beauty.

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