17 Year Old Brings Hundreds Of People To Cincinnati, OH In Support Of Same Sex Marriage

Cincinnati, OH is not known to be a hotbed of LGBT activism.  But that didn’t stop 17 year old high school student Adam Hoover, who as I posted here yesterday with the help of his friend  Nicholas David Wymer, and later The Catholic Reformed Church, Northern Kentucky University, GetEQUAL and Equality Ohio  to gather an estimated crowd  of 700 to 900 at its largest point to protest for same sex marriage and LGBT equality rights in Ohio yesterday.

17 year old Adam Hoover leads the protest for LGBT Equailty in Ohio

Adam who originally thought up the protest only a month ago used social media sites like Facebook and YouTube to promote it before and after his days at school and did so because he believes that “Everyone has their God-given right to marry the one they love.”

Micheal Chanak a longtime LGBT advocate and activist who serves at  Cincinnati’s LGBT Cnter was ecstatic that someone in Cincinnati was actually doing something to lead the charge for LGBT Equality in Cincinnati stating ” (This is the) First major protest in Cincinnati since the Anti Prop 8  rally in front of City Hall on November 15, 2008.  Thank the Goddess.”

In a telephone interview with B2S.com Adam stated that he called both Equality Cincinnati and HRC Cincinnati both of which are supposedly the city’s largest LGBT rights groups, both of which who have a checkered past in Cincinnati and they never called him back.  So he reached out to Equality Ohio who weer more than happy to pitch in to help with the protest and rally.

Said Adam, “I want to be able to change stuff in Ohio. I don’t want to be that person that doesn’t do stuff. I want to be the person that is there for everyone. No matter what I do, I just want to be there.”

Looks like Equality Cincinnati and HRC Cincinnati could learn a lot from Adam.
Congratulations on the successful rally and protest Adam.  We need more like you not only in Ohio but across the country

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  1. Kudos to Equality Ohio for helping this talented young man with a bright future with this event. He is our next LGBT leader. Hell. He already is.

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