2 thoughts on “Video – Occupy Wall Street Protester Jesse LaGreca Puts FOX News On Notice In Unaired Segment

  1. Great stuff. I am not surprised it is an “unaired” segment. It will likely stay unaired. I wish this message could be put out there.

    I have spent months trying to engage some folks in a little Facebook group called Tea Party Democrats. I know that sounds a bit oxymoronic, but I joined it thinking that I might get to talk to Blue Dogs and try to understand their thinking. In reality, everyone is pretty much Tea Party or Democrat but not both. The Republic Tea Party supporters are typically vicious, insulting, and completely opposed to meaningful debate. As far as I know I am the only openly gay person in the group and definitely the most verbose.

    I am called the typical names, faggot, fudge packer, buttfucker, bone smuggler (my personal favourite), cunt, shit-eater. Almost never do they attempt to debate the facts. On financial reform, they are all certain that the marxist Obama hates the wealthy and wants to destroy Wall Street. Then the same people will refer to him as a Nazi. I am not sure how he can be both.

    They love Fox News. When they do try to present a link to information, it is always some discredited, disreputable source like Breitbart’s blog, Sean Hannity, or the rest of the shills on Fox. They have quoted Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and an Asian-American who has to be the stupidest, right winger out there. I swear her blog makes Bachmann look a little smarter.

    I really wish there was some way to get this guy’s segment aired.

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