Video Emerges From Africa Of Gay Man Being Beaten And Burned Alive

Details are sketchy, and information on this disturbing video is hard to come by. 

Several media outlets are suggesting that this nightmare went down in Uganda and in the video you see a man who is allegedly gay  beaten to a bloody pulp by an angry mob , doused with some sort of flammable liquid, buried under a pile of wooden rubble, and then set ablaze.(Some news sites are now reporting that this happened because the man was a thief, but again it is unconfirmed.  And in either way NO ONE should be treated in such away)

That anyone in any country could do this heinous act on a fellow human being is beyound me.  And that  people could actually videotape and  onlookers and the people who just drove right past and didn’t have enough humanity in their souls to step in and possibly save the man is beyond me.

I can only hope that their conscience eats at them for whatever remains of their miserable lives and hat they are haunted by the look on that mans face and that in the end everyone of them will pay a dear price for committing and standing by while this horrid inhuman act was committed.

Back2Stonewall WILL NOT embed the video on our site.  If you feel the need to view it it is posted over at UnicornBooty.  But WARNING.  The video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND BRUTAL and shows the entire event.

What do you think?

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