Video – Coming Soon: “Bite Marks” – Vampires, Truckers and Gay Guys Oh My!

Bite Marks  a new vampire movie by Blakk Flamingo Pictures due out on video in early Novemeber  and follows straight horndog trucker Brewster who picks up Cary and Vogel, a hitchhiking gay couple trying to mend their relationship. Their GPS misleads them into an abandoned junkyard where the truck breaks down, and when night falls.  The coffins that Brewster is hauling in his big rig contain vampires! Hungry ones!  The mismatched trio barricades themselves in the cab of the truck. Can they survive the bloodsucking undead–and each other–until dawn?

This is not your typical “gay themed movie: 

Originally, the two  main characters were to be a boyfriend and girlfriend, but the executive producer  changed them to two gay men so we could appeal to both the horror and the gay demographics so its not specifically made for LGBT audiences but for everyone.

Bite Marks also stars Stephen Geoffries who’s best known for playing  “Evil Ed” in the 1985 vampire horror classic Fright Night and also appeared for several years in gay  porn using the names Sam Ritter and Stephan Bordeaux.

What do you think?

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