United Kingdom To Cut Funding To Anti-Gay Third World Countries

The United Kingdom’s international development secretary Andrew Mitchell has gone on record warning that the UK government will cut aid to poor countries such as Uganda and Ghana for their hardline anti-gay laws and persecution of gay people.

“The government is committed to combating violence and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in all circumstances, in this country and abroad. We take action where we have concerns.

“We now allocate funds every three months, rather than every year, so that we can review a country’s performance, for example on human rights, and take swift action when governments fall short. We only provide aid directly to governments when we are satisfied that they share our commitments to reduce poverty and respect human rights.”

Malawi, which sentenced a couple to 14 years’ hard labour for contravening anti-gay laws, has already had its aid cut by £19 million. 

Ghana will lose £36 million and Uganda  £70 million  a year from Great Britain unless they stop persecuting gay people.

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