SHAME On The Values Voter Summit. SHAME On Us, The LGBT Community Also.

Well now that the Values Voter Summit has come to a close.  And hopefully the Omni Shoreham Hotel is fumigating there’s something I’d like to say.

According to Tony Perkins of the Family Reseach Council the conference sold 3500+ registrations, not counting giveaways, vendors, sponsors and GOP Candidate’s guests attended this HATERPOLOOZA

THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED people were gathered together that not only wanted to do harm, to our country but they sat there and spread lies, hateful words and arguments about the LGBT community and PLEDGED  to take away what few rights we have do their best to deny us any more.  And NOT ONE DAMN LGBT Group or Organization could be bothered to get together a protest, picket, or rally against them.   (And in fair and full disclosure I did contact a few DC Groups months ago and got varying excuses.)


To say that I am SHOCKED, DISSAPPOINTED AND ASHAMED of us for not setting up pickets and protests outside the #vvs11 to bring media attention this hatefest is an understatement.  And yes, before anyone says anything we did have LGBT bloggers and journalist on the inside. But they write for US. We are thier audience NOT the outside world.  The heinous remarks and hateful rhetoric we see and hear is not whats broadcast across America on CNN, MSNBC, FOX and CSPAN.  And that is exactly why need these actions to get the mainstream media attention  and to show that we are angry and we are not going to accept this treatment and abuse..  And there is nothing wrong with being angry against a group of people who want you to have no rights and to disappear.

Our apathy is whats holding us back.  We need to be more visible, we need to be more vocal, and we need to fight for what we believe in.

The Suffragettes knew it.   Martin Luther King knew it.   Frank Kameny knew it when they picketed Congress.  Harvey Milk knew it when he led thousands of gays and lesbians through the streets of San Francisco   And ACT-UP  knew it when they fought the war for AIDS Recognition and Funding.  And as loathe as I am to say this the Tea Party knew it also which is why we are in this hellish mess in the first place.

So WHY now when we are at a tipping point in the country and for our equality have we suddenly forgotten how to stand up and fight for ourselves  with truth, passion, heart, and anger  instead of let them carry on without showing the world who they truly are and how we will no longer stand for the abuse they heap upon us.

This was the PERFECT oppurtunity.  And not just for the LGBT Community, but also Womens Pro Choice groups, Union members, Immigration advocates, freedom activist and others to to band together and take a stand.

And  yet we did NOTHING. 

Yes shame on The Values Voter Summit but shame on us for being so goddamn apathetic to think that we can’t be bothered, or its too embaressing to show that we are angry, fed up and demand equality and we will fight against the people want to make it uinlawful for us to live our lives and love and marry who we want.

Shame on us.

Maybe next year……

4 thoughts on “SHAME On The Values Voter Summit. SHAME On Us, The LGBT Community Also.

  1. I agree Will. The bunch at the Values Voters Summit sounded more and more like Nazis from the 1930’s. All of the country’s ills can be blamed on the gays according to them. Even worse, western civilization will fall if gay marriage is allowed. Their spewing hatred knows no limits and has no consequences. They are attempting to spread hysteria by comparing gays to the holocaust and terrorists.

    No wonder, when kids see and hear this from so-called adults and leaders, they believe it’s ok to bully their fellow students into suicide. This country has entered a dark and dangerous era. I am very afraid that it can only get worse. It’s time we get off of lazy asses and say that we aren’t going to take it anymore.

  2. So right, Will. We ALL need to stop being so slack. Sitting online and signing petitions is no longer enough. Take to the streets. See the Occupy Wall Street crowd? That’s what needs to happen. We don’t stop making their lives hell, bringing everything they hold dear- their churches, mainly- to a grinding halt, until they give us our rights and stop trying to make us a theocracy.

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