Raw Video: Police Use Tear Gas and Flash Bombs Against Occupy Oakland Protestors

Crooks and Liars writes:

“Heighten the contradictions” is what activists used to say back in the Sixties. And tonight, while President Obama was in San Francisco hosting a $7,500-a-plate fundraiser, people are getting teargassed in Oakland, just a few miles away – for alleged health and safety violations. You can’t get much more of a contradiction than that. It’s being reported that Occupy Atlanta, Occupy Baltimore, Occupy Clarksville, Occupy San Diego have all been served by police with eviction notices for midnight tonight.


 Sad, sad day to be an American. But then again there seem to be a lot of those days lately.

12 thoughts on “Raw Video: Police Use Tear Gas and Flash Bombs Against Occupy Oakland Protestors

  1. The reason the Oakland police got tough was that earlier, protestors were using paint balls against the police. Unlike most Occupy sites that demand non-violence, the Oakland site has included a lot of violence. They created their own internal security force, for example, and when an admittedly crazy and annoying homeless guy would not stop coming and bothering them, they beat the shit out of him. Vigilante justice may work, but it’s not okay.

    If protestors are going to assault police in the beginning of a protest, they shouldn’t be surprised to find the police getting tough at the end of the protest.

      1. Well, Will — how about reading the articles:

        And note these comments from protestors:

        “Others pleaded with agitators to be peaceful and return to the march; some protesters tried to fight with police and were clubbed and kicked in return.”

        “Police forcibly dispersed the crowd with tear gas again about 9:30 p.m., when protesters began throwing objects at them. As protesters scattered, police closed off Broadway between 13th and 16th streets.
        Minutes later, protesters regrouped at the 15th Street entrance to the plaza. Protesters began throwing objects again. Police responded by firing more tear gas canisters.”

        ” ‘They didn’t have to force police into that situation,” said Helen Walker, 46, a nurse from Albany. “It was totally provoked, and if I could have, I would have stopped those idiots from throwing paint.'”

          1. Nice try Will, but the paintballs were tossed early on, and the tear gas came late in the day.

            Meet your own challenge, Will — show me a link that says the tear gas preceded the paintballs.

            And I notice you no longer comment about the vigilante justice — can I assume you agree since you have the link you requested which shows what I said was true?

  2. Let’s look at the timeline, Will:

    Officers in riot gear hemmed in protesters around 6 p.m. and attempted to arrest one person, as about 50 more surrounded them shouting, “Let him go, let him go.”
    Protesters threw turquoise and red paint at the riot officers. Some led the crowd in chanting, “This is why we call you pigs.”

    So, Will — paintballs are being tossed at 6pm.

    Police gave repeated warnings to protesters to disperse from the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza at 14th Street and Broadway before firing several tear gas canisters into the crowd at about 7:45 p.m.

    Tear gas comes at 7:45pm, Will. Want to tell me again how the tear gas was first?

  3. The main point is and always has been that whole melee situation could have been avoided. (That and the fact that the Constitution grants the right to everyone the right to protest)

    As for “vigilante justice” I’ve not done enough reading to comment on that at this point which is why I have not.

    1. Will, your points might be good, but your inaccuracy undermines your credibility.

      Being angry and yelling untruths doesn’t convince anyone.

      1. I am not yelling untruths. There are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. After the Erika Williams incident you should know that.

        Now I am not heer to debate you on the subject. I posted what I had source material from. You replied and posted your own links.


        1. And you said my timeline was wrong, and I showed you were incorrect. But you don’t like that, do you?

          And bringing up EW? Yeah, nice staying on topic.

          The bottom line is that you said the attacks by the police were UNPROVOKED. You were wrong, but you won’t admit it.

          Now it’s finis.

  4. I love hearing people rationalize police brutality and the trampling of the First Amendment. Attitudes like this are what has caused the problems we’re dealing with in the country at this time. Shameful.

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