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NY Town Clerk FAILS To Do Her Job & She’s Being Oppressed?

From NOM front-group, The Courage Fund. She should be fired. The job of the town clerk is to carry out the laws of the city and state in which they live. If you can’t carry out your job then leave. The New York Assembly and Senates passed the legislation, and Governor Cuomo signed it. IT IS THE LAW. I could give a rats ass if you don’t like it.



Originally from Denver, now living in the Low Countries of Europe. Spent four years in the Navy, got out when I realized I was a big ole flaming mo. Lived in NYC for almost a decade until meeting my husband, who because of the f'ed up immigration laws, can't stay in the US. I'm obsessed with politics and LGBT activism. I cannot stand or abide ANY form of religious stupidity or bigotry....oh, or republicans.

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