NOM’s Brian Brown: The Gay Zealots Are Forcing Bigoted Christians Into The Closet!

When life gives Brian Brown and the National Organization lemons they use it to make over the the top statements and  plead for Right Wing Welfare

Coming on the heels of Monday’s ruling by a federal district judge in Washington that the names and signatures of  the anti-gay Referendum 71 in Washington State and U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr in Sacramento on Thursdays ruling against that and NOM that they must also release the petition signatories the and the identities of campaign donors associated to Prop 8,  Brian Brownshirt went all histrionic and fanatical  and wrote the following on the  NOM BLOG.

Finally, disturbing news out of Washington State. The Secretary of State’s office on Monday began making public the names of 137,500 people who signed Referendum 71 petitions two years ago to repeal a civil union law. The lawsuit designed to prevent the disclosure of these names, given the organized efforts to harass and threaten petition signers in Prop 8 and in Massachusetts, may have failed for now.

“But the two-year delay, we hope, has given the zealots time to cool their tempers and re-evaluate a strategy designed to intimidate people for exercising their core civil rights. Please pray for each of the 137,500 and for the people who disagree with their views. Democracy demands a culture of civic respect even when we passionately morally disagree.”

Oh and of course it also included  PLEASE SEND MONEY LEMMINGS!.

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