Michele Baaaa-chamann Backs Out Of Farm Speech When Confronted By Protestors

At a fundraiser by Iowa’s leading anti-gay group The Family Leader at a pumpkin farm in Iowa last night Michele Bachmann Crazy Overdrive suddenly cancelled a speech when about 60 protestors Iowa’s Grinnell College showed up to protest her appearance.

The students joined the crowd in the barn waiting for Bachmann to speak, while the lawmaker’s staff huddled, apparently concerned about the protesters, who carried signs saying, “Have my gaybies” and “My body, my choice” and “Female Gay Student 99%, where’s my future?” The police arrived and cordoned off an area outside the barn where the Grinnell students were made to stand.

An hour and a half after the event was scheduled to begin, Bachmann came out of the nearby house, took a quick tour of the farm, fed some goats and fielded a couple questions from reporters about why her speech was canceled. She said the event was supposed to be private and that she wanted to be able to talk with the people who had paid to be part of the $25-a-head fundraiser.

The kids are alright!

Bachmann on the other hand besides being a shrill, lying,  hateful, evil, homophobic, crazy bitch harpie is also a chicken!

What do you think?

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